Embassy Departments

The Office of the Consular

The office of the consular ensures protection of the welfare of our citizens while in Turkey by providing necessary documentation and ensuring facilitation of legal and related assistance. The department oversees the procession of passport applications, verification of legal and official documents to citizens of the Federal Republic of Somalia for unhindered success during their duration of living, studying or working in the Republic of Turkey. The department is also tasked with the verification of VISA application Citizens seeking to travel to Somalia. 

The Office of the Commercial Attaché

This department plays a pivotal role in managing and strengthening our trade relations by promoting business between Somali and Turkish investors. This is guided by the objective to enable our respective investors enter our markets to align our economic interests with our bilateral ties. 

The Department of Culture, Heritage and Education.

This department serves as a gateway to preserve and promote the Somali culture, history, lifestyle, clothing, food to and for both the Somali diaspora in Turkey and the Turkish Citizens.  The emergence of Turkey as an educational destination of Choice for Somali citizens from Somalia and abroad has seen an increase in number of students admitted to Turkish institutions of that offer various levels of education. For this reason, the Department works hand in hand with Turkish academic and scholarship institutions to strengthen academic collaboration. 

The Office of the Defense Attaché

Office of Defense Attaché ensures implementation of bilateral military cooperation and programs between our Federal Republic of Somalia and our brotherly Republic of Turkey.


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