Acting FM of Somalia raises alarm at NAM meeting, urges collective action against violation of sovereignty

The Acting Foreign Minister and State Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, H.E. Mr. Ali Mohamed Omar, addressed the Ministerial Meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement taking place today in the Ugandan capital, Kampala.
The text of his speech is provided below.
Ladies and Gentlemen, Esteemed Delegates, Fellow Members of the Non-Aligned Movement.
Somalia is exceptionally grateful to the President and the people of Uganda for their support and sacrifices.
I extend heartfelt congratulations to Uganda for assuming the leadership of the Non-Aligned Movement until 2027.
We applaud their commitment to steering this vital organization and express gratitude for their warm welcome extended to the delegations attending the 19th session of the NAM. Uganda’s gracious hosting underscores their dedication to fostering unity and cooperation among member states, setting a commendable tone for our collective deliberations.
I stand before you today representing Somalia, a nation that has long cherished the principles and values of the Non-Aligned Movement. Our commitment to upholding international law, political independence, and territorial integrity remains unwavering in the face of evolving global challenges.
The Non-Aligned Movement has been a cornerstone in maintaining a balance in international relations, especially for nations like ours that strive to develop in peace and sovereignty. This organization’s significance cannot be overstated, as it serves as a collective voice for countries committed to charting their own course, free from the dominance of any major power bloc.
Today, I bring to your attention a pressing matter that not only affects Somalia but also has broader implications for the principles we collectively hold dear. The recent Memorandum of Understanding signed by the Prime Minister of Ethiopia with a regional leader in northern Somalia, bypassing the federal government of Somalia, stands as a glaring violation of international law and the fundamental principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity.
This illegal MoU threatens to destabilize not just Somalia, but the entire Horn of Africa region. It sets a dangerous precedent that undermines the very essence of our commitment as a movement to uphold the sanctity of political independence and territorial integrity. If left unaddressed, actions like these could embolden other nations to disregard international norms and encroach upon the sovereignty of smaller states.
Somalia, like many other nations within this movement, has endured the scourges of conflict and instability. Yet, we have emerged with a steadfast resolve to rebuild our nation on the pillars of democracy, peace, and respect for international law. We believe that the strength and unity of the Non-Aligned Movement are essential in confronting challenges to these pillars.
Our experience has taught us that the violation of one member’s sovereignty is an affront to us all. It undermines the collective security and stability that we have strived to build over decades. In this light, Somalia calls upon the Non-Aligned Movement to stand in solidarity against any actions that violate the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our member states.
The current crisis we face is not just Somalia’s; it is a test of our collective commitment to the principles that form the bedrock of the Non-Aligned Movement. It is a call to action for us to reaffirm our commitment to a world where nations can coexist in peace, respecting each other’s sovereignty and territorial boundaries.
On the urgent need to address the ongoing crisis in Gaza and Palestine. Somalia strongly condemns the over hundred days attacks by Israel, considering them as actions amounting to war crimes, and we commend South Africa for taking the courageous step of bringing this matter to the International Court of Justice. We stand in solidarity with the people of Gaza during these challenging times, our hearts go out to those affected.
In conclusion, let us remember the words of our founding fathers, who envisioned a world where nations, big and small, are respected equally, and where international law is the guiding principle of international relations. Let us stand united in our resolve to protect the political independence and territorial integrity of each member state.
Together, we can ensure that the Non-Aligned Movement remains a powerful force for peace, stability, and cooperation in an increasingly interconnected world.
Thank you for your attention, and may our deliberations today strengthen our resolve and commitment to these noble principles.

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