Arab League firmly rejects Ethiopia-Somaliland deal, stands in full support of Somalia’s territorial unity

Cairo (MFASomalia) – In a decisive statement, Jamal Rushdi, the official spokesman for the Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, expressed firm rejection and condemnation of any memorandums of understanding that undermine the sovereignty of the Somali state. These condemnations extend to agreements attempting to exploit the delicate internal situation in Somalia or interfere with the ongoing negotiations between the Somali people regarding the relationship of various regions with the federal government.

Rushdi highlighted the alarming violation of international law through attempts to deduct parts of Somalia’s territory, posing a direct threat to the country’s territorial integrity. He emphasized the Arab League’s full solidarity with the Somali Council of Ministers, supporting their decision to declare the memorandum of understanding signed on January 1, 2024, between the Federal Republic of Ethiopia and “Somaliland,” as null, void, and unacceptable.

The spokesman underscored the severe repercussions of such actions, warning against the potential exacerbation of extremist ideas. This comes at a critical juncture when Somalia is actively engaged in robust efforts to counter the spread of extremism within its borders. The Arab League strongly urged all parties involved to adhere to the principles of international law and respect Somalia’s sovereignty to maintain regional stability and security.

To read the statement in Arabic, click on this link from the Arab League website.

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