China affirms unwavering support for Somalia’s sovereignty amidst Ethiopia’s unlawful MOU with Somaliland

Beijing (MFASomalia) – On January 11, 2024, during a press conference, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Mao Ning, reaffirmed China’s commitment to the principles of the UN Charter. This statement was prompted by Ethiopia’s signing of an unlawful Memorandum of Understanding with the Somaliland Administration on January 1 in Addis Ababa.

Mao emphasized China’s support for countries in safeguarding their sovereignty and territorial integrity, expressing a particular stance on the issue of Somaliland Administration. Affirming that Somaliland is an integral part of Somalia, Mao declared China’s support for the Federal Government of Somalia in its efforts to maintain national unity and protect sovereignty and territorial integrity. The spokesperson urged regional countries to engage in diplomatic dialogue to effectively handle regional affairs, fostering an environment of friendly cooperation that would contribute to common development in the region.

The Federal Government of Somalia has reiterated its stance on the matter, asserting that the Somaliland Administration (North-West Region) remains an integral and inseparable part of Somalia.


Mao Ning: China stands for upholding the purposes and principles of the UN Charter and supports countries in safeguarding sovereignty and territorial integrity. Somaliland is part of Somalia. China supports the Federal Government of Somalia in safeguarding national unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity. Meanwhile, we hope that regional countries will handle regional affairs well through diplomatic dialogue and achieve common development by having friendly cooperation.

To access the press conference content from the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, simply click on the provided link.




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