Somali Citizenship Law and Constitution

  • on business or to take part in a conference
  • to visit relatives and friends
  • as a tourist

Decisions whether to grant entry visa or not generally may take up to a month. In some cases applications are forwarded to the Somali Immigration and Naturalization Department for a decision.

Regaining Citizenship

  • Completed Visa application Form – Incomplete forms may cause delays in issuance of applicant’s visa
  • A passport that is valid within 6 months
  • Two (2) recent passport size photos
  • Copy of Flight Reservation
  • Non-Refundable Fee: made payable to the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Somalia

Further Information

People intending to travel to Somalia may inquire with the Directorate of Immigration & Naturalization whether they need to obtain a visa prior to arrival. The processing time of Somali visas is can take several working days so be sure to file an application in good time.

The type of visa that you require for entry into Somalia depends on several different factors such as your nationality, the purpose of your planned visit and duration. It is requirement travellers to have at least six months validity remaining on their passports. Immigration authorities may refuse entry if you arrive with less than this.

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