Denmark joins global alarm as tensions escalate in Horn of Africa over illegal Ethiopia-Somaliland deal

Mogadishu (MFASomalia) – Denmark has added its voice to the growing chorus of international concern over the rising tensions in the Horn of Africa, triggered by an unauthorized agreement between Ethiopia and the Somaliland Administration. In a tweet released via the Embassy of Denmark to Somalia’s official Twitter account, the Danish government expressed deep concern about the situation. Emphasizing their commitment to respecting the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Somalia.

The Federal Government of Somalia has reiterated its stance on the matter, asserting that the Somaliland Administration (North-West Region) remains an integral and inseparable part of Somalia.


The content of the tweet by the Denmark Embassy in Somalia is as follows:

Denmark joins int. partners in voicing deep concern over the escalating tension in the Horn of Africa.

We stress our full respect for the territorial integrity & sovereignty of Somalia and urge parties to uphold peace + seek dialogue for long-term peaceful resolution of issues.

Please click on the provided link to access the embassy’s tweet regarding the mentioned subject.

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