Mr. Abdisalam Suleiman Kodar stands out as a seasoned professional in the field of international relations, having assumed the crucial role of Director of the Department of Asia and Australia at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation on July 6, 2019. His academic journey led him to attain a Master of Law in International Relations from Jilin University in June 2017, laying the groundwork for his successful career.

Embarking on his professional journey with the Ministry in September 2014, Mr. Kodar quickly became a notable figure, showcasing a deep commitment to public service and diplomatic excellence. His early years in the ministry provided him with a firsthand understanding of the complex landscape of global affairs.

As the Director of the Department of Asia and Australia, Mr. Kodar plays a pivotal role in shaping Somalia’s diplomatic initiatives, policies, and engagements in these regions. His strategic and diplomatic leadership is geared towards fostering robust bilateral ties and multilateral relationships, addressing regional and global challenges, and effectively advocating for his home country on the international stage.

Mr. Abdisalam Suleiman Kodar’s distinctive blend of academic prowess and practical experience positions him as a key architect in formulating and executing diplomatic strategies for his nation. His vision and leadership continue to contribute significantly to the advancement of his country’s interests in the dynamic geopolitical landscape of Asia and Australia.

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