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Negeeye is an online Service provision platform of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Somalia in Ankara which can be accessed on your computer or mobile phone.  This is an original innovation of the Embassy to ensure unhindered service delivery due to the restricted movement to contain the spread of COVID-19. This allows the facilitation of documentation for the citizens without the need for the applicant to be physically present at the Embassy. Negeeye’s online service has removed travel and movement burden especially for those living outside Ankara. 

Applicants MUST upload the required documents such as Identification, passport, residence card, and visa page on the passport etc.

Negeeye has swift payment method as the user receives the receipt of invoice charged for the requested service and bank account number.

In addition, Negeeye also provides appointments for other services that require the physical presence of the person at the Embassy.

Negeeye can process application on behalf of the applicant. However, the person filling, must must fill in the form using the name, telephone number, email, and home address in which letters will be sent to person in need of the services. The Embassy will only deal with the user/Applicant

Negeeye is a SAFE and SECURE system with a dedicated team of assistants ready to respond to messages in case of any technical or application challenges:

• WhatsApp Assistance during application (+90 537 640 65 41)

• WhatsApp Assistance for Technical challenges (+90 534 593 39 90)

 Send an email:  OR

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