Saudi Arabia strongly backs Somalia’s sovereignty amidst unlawful Ethiopian-Somaliland Agreement

Riyadh (MFASomalia) – As reported by the Saudi Press Agency on January 11, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has reaffirmed its earnest commitment to the unity of the sisterly Federal Republic of Somalia and its full sovereignty over the entirety of its territory. This comes in response to the illegal Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that Ethiopia signed with the Somaliland Administration.

Emphasizing the importance of regional stability, Saudi Arabia stressed the necessity to uphold the principles of good neighborliness, urging a diplomatic approach that places wisdom at the forefront. The Kingdom called for a concerted effort to prevent escalating tensions and conflicts in the region, highlighting the imperative to undertake measures that preserve the security and stability of the area. Saudi Arabia’s statement underscores a dedication to fostering cooperation and integration among the countries in the region, aiming to contribute to a harmonious and collaborative regional environment.

The Federal Government of Somalia has reiterated its stance on the matter, asserting that the Somaliland Administration (North-West Region) remains an integral and inseparable part of Somalia.

Follow this link to access comprehensive information on this issue from the Saudi Press Agency (SPA).



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