Somali-Turkey Relations

Our historic Somali-Turkish bilateral relations were first established in the 16th Century.

Whereas our Somali-Turkish bilateral relationship was historically established on common trade, cultural and religious ties, in the last decade, we have continued to work hand in hand while significantly strengthening our Political, Economic, Humanitarian, Infrastructural, Education, Cultural and Military cooperation for mutual success of our two brotherly nations.

We first  normalized our Diplomatic relations with the launch of our respective embassies in 1979 as Federal Republic of Somalia became one of the first East African nations to launch Diplomatic missions with Turkey.

The historic visit of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, on August 2011, then the Prime Minister of the Republic of Turkey, was another turning point of our relations as it led to the reopening of our missions and resumption of our diplomatic operations following the closure in 1991 due to the civil crisis.

Our blossoming relationship has witnessed strong people to people and governmental relations overtime with visible gains as our bilateral trade volumes reached hundreds of millions of dollars between investors of our two nations.

Federal Republic of Somalia has emphasized the brotherliness in words and actions and continuously stands in solidarity with the brotherly Republic of Turkey. 

In August 2021, our two nations celebrated 10 years of the rebirth of the bond of brotherhood and cooperation. The inaugural event was held in Mogadishu where representatives from our two nations reiterated support of our relations while sharing the progress made in the decade of diplomatic cooperation.

Our two nations continue to pursue areas of cooperation owing to the overwhelming success witnessed over the years and the sense of trust which continues to provide atmosphere for a win-win situation.

Federal Republic of Somalia hosts Turkey’s largest embassy and largest military academy overseas which has played a significant role in strengthening security cooperation and the fight against terrorism.  

Our heads of state have maintained our brotherhood leading with exchange visits on several occasions. 

We have also seen the growing sense of cooperation through our ministerial level bilateral exchanges and agreements to illustrate our commitment as brotherly nations and cement our partnership in various fronts.  

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