Somalia: “unless Ethiopia rectifies by retracting the illegal MOU and reaffirms sovereignty, there is no room for mediation.”

Press Statement (for immediate release)

Mogadishu, Somalia
January 18, 2024

We take note of the African Union Peace and Security Commission (AUPSC) meeting and its outcome.
We welcome the affirmation of the AUPSC of the sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of all member states of the African Union.
On the basis of upholding that principle, Somalia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity has been violated by Ethiopia when it signed an illegal MOU with the northern region (Somaliland Administration) in Somalia. Conversely, Somalia has not violated these sacred principles.
For that reason, there is no space for mediation unless Ethiopia retracts its illegal MOU and reaffirms the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Somalia.
Somalia stands ready to engage with all member states of the AU, UN, and IGAD on a mutually beneficial relationship that is grounded on international law that can lead to economic development and shared prosperity.


To access the press release in PDF format, please follow the link provided alongside this text.

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