US stands firm on Somalia’s sovereignty amidst Horn of Africa crisis

Washington (MFASomalia) – In a press conference held on January 3, US State Department Spokesperson Matthew Miller addressed the growing diplomatic crisis in the Horn of Africa, sparked by an illegal Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between Ethiopia and Somaliland. Expressing “serious concern” over the situation, Miller conveyed the United States’ alignment with other international partners in urging all stakeholders to pursue diplomatic dialogue. The spokesperson emphasized the United States’ recognition of Somalia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, emphasizing adherence to the country’s borders as they stood in 1960.

The US State Department spokesman said, “We did see those reports, we are concerned by them, we join other partners in expressing our serious concern as well about the resulting spike in tensions in the Horn of Africa, we urge all stakeholders to engage in diplomatic dialogue, and the United States recognizes the sovereignty and the territorial integrity of the federal republic of Somalia within its 1960 borders.”

The Federal Government of Somalia has reiterated its unwavering stance, asserting that the Somaliland Administration (North-West Region) remains an integral and inseparable part of Somalia.

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