Vision and Mission

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation meticulously defines a clear and strategic vision, mission, and core values to steer its actions and endeavors purposefully. This initiative is designed to foster a profound understanding of the ministry’s overarching goals, the significance it holds, and the fundamental principles that govern its operations with precision and commitment.

The ministry is devoted to advancing Somali diplomacy, with a focus on achieving and safeguarding the nation’s paramount interests. The focus is on elevating Somalia’s global standing and influence by actively contributing to the establishment of security, stability, and prosperity both within the region and on the international stage. This vision sets a forward-looking tone, emphasizing the ministry’s role in shaping diplomatic strategies that align with the highest national priorities.

The mission of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation is grounded in the principles of the Federal Republic of Somalia. It centers on the formulation and execution of foreign policies that not only protect and advance national interests but also prioritize the well-being of citizens. The mission underscores a commitment to fostering security, stability, and prosperity at both regional and global levels. To achieve these objectives, the ministry places a strong emphasis on leveraging qualified human resources, specialized technical and information systems, and the implementation of effective diplomatic programs. This mission reflects a holistic approach, integrating human capital, technology, and strategic initiatives to fulfill the diplomatic responsibilities entrusted to the ministry.

Core Values
The core values of the ministry are deeply rooted in the national and professional principles that form the foundation of its existence. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation is dedicated to instilling these core values within its organizational culture at all levels. This commitment aims to foster a work environment where employees are aligned with the overarching principles of the nation and the professional standards of diplomacy. By emphasizing these core values, the ministry seeks to build a cohesive and principled organizational culture that permeates every aspect of its operations.

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